Full-Service Campaign Management

Successful email and marketing automation campaigns need to be managed by skilled professionals. Marketing automation as a platform does not work on its own. Content, design best practices, campaign management, analytics, testing and strategic planning require a significant amount of time that is often not available within even the largest of marketing departments.

The Revenue Automation team is made up of professionally certified IBM Marketing Cloud/Silverpop professionals. We provide full-service campaign management services designed to help you build advanced email and marketing automation campaigns focused on improving engagement and new customer acquisition.

Marketing Automation Strategy

We work with your marketing team to identify what email and marketing automation flows make the most sense for your business.

The Revenue Automation team then finalizes an email/marketing automation calendar that aligns with your marketing objectives.

Marketing Data Points Evaluated

The RA data team will look at and help you ensure you are tracking the correct data points.

We will then map out what needs to be done to connect your disparate marketing systems.

IBM Marketing Cloud/Silverpop Template Production

Creative assets are used to create email marketing templates to be contained within the marketing automation platform.

Our goal here is to build an email template that is designed to convert,leveraging more unique calls-to-action.

Marketing Automation QA and Deployment

Data queries are setup and data counts are checked to make sure you are targeting the correct audiences.

The RA team tests all aspects of the email and/or marketing automation.. After QA is completed, all campaigns are enabled and deployed.

Data-Driven Reporting

Advanced data reports are created to identify trends in engagement and conversion.

We continue to test, tweak and adapt new email and marketing automation campaigns within the IBM Marketing Cloud/Silverpop marketing automation platform.

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Revenue Automation (RA) is an IBM Silverpop partner and digital marketing agency that specializes in data-driven email, marketing automation and data integrations.

The RA team consists of professional email, marketing automation and data experts focused on helping companies get the most value out of their IBM Silverpop marketing automation platform and IBM Marketing Cloud.

An impressive 35% increase in online conversions combined with a 40% improvement in sales qualified leads. This helped me to give the company the most profitable year in our history.
– Tim Groenveld, JustSystems

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  • full-service-campaign-management Full-Service Campaign Management
    • Creative asset intake
    • Data queries setup
    • Data count
    • Template production in IBM Silverpop
    • Static and dynamic rendering tests
    • QA, manage and deploy
  • data-integration Data Integration
    • Data audit, data cleanse & data mapping
    • Platform transition support
    • Data migration & synchronization
    • Integration to data warehouse/CRM/e-commerce platform
    • Database management & maintenance
    • Develop database growth strategies
  • strategy-insights-advanced-reporting Strategy/Insights/Advanced Reporting
    • Define marketing objectives
    • Determine brand objectives
    • Identify and develop targeted segments
    • Develop advanced reporting infrastructure
    • Gain insights, test, and adapt to improve
  • content-creation-and-creative-design Content Creation and Creative Design
    • Responsive template creation
    • Design and email template optimization
    • Copy development
    • Landing page creation



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