12 October 2021

The New Fundamentals of Excellent Customer Experience

Shopping Face to Face

Customer data is driving exponential change; it’s time to return to the fundamentals of excellent customer experience.

The CX Demand:

Customers want to be served exactly the way that they prefer, whether that’s a ‘hands-off’ soft sell approach with quick answers to their questions, or a chatty interaction where they are looking for the sales team to bring out a selection of offers perfectly suited to their desires.

In a sense, they are demanding that we recreate the customer experience of the old ‘Mom and Pop’ neighbourhood shop—now, do it digitally and at scale.

Shopping Face to Face

The CX Problem:

Collect good data, get clear consent, be available anytime and everywhere, give them exactly what they want, but only precisely when they want it while also understanding who they are as individuals (but don’t be invasive or creepy).

Customers want it all and they want it delivered because if you don’t, your competitors will, and they are just a few clicks away.

The New Fundamentals of customer experience are not for the faint of heart.

Collecting good data isn’t a luxury anymore; it’s the price of entry. And getting it all in one place in a format and interface that makes it easy for your frontline teams from many different departments to use and update is crucial to your bottom line.

The CX Solution:

Be ‘People First’ both in your business decisions and in the technology you employ to support your vision. A People First platform (such as Infobip, Cordial, or any of our other platforms) is the rock-solid infrastructure your business needs to create a flexible, functional, extendable, and centralized source of truth for all your customer data. Every interaction through email, social, web, chatbots, and customer service feeds into the main database.

Now that your data is finally in one place you can leverage it to create the most meaningful and efficient segments possible, maximizing your marketing and communications spend. But what is a good segment? How do you know which customers will respond to which offers or nudges? With so much data now at your disposal, what’s the best way to bring it back to reality and create that one-to-one personalized experience?

Math. The answer is always math.

If data is the new oil, meet your modern-day roughnecks, Revenue Automation. Revenue Automation brings decades of digital automation success and innovation to the table and has worked with everyone from Disney, to IBM, to regional financial and health care institutions.

Not only can Revenue Automation help you create the most effective customer segments, they are also expert in building out efficient, testable campaigns that integrate omnichannel automation, chatbots, and customer service platforms. We can also integrate any other 3rd party or custom technology you’re using to bring the best possible experience to all your current and future customers.

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